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Beauchef Proyecta

Prof. Viviana Meruane, directora de Beauchef Proyecta

Teacher Viviana Meruane, Beauchef Proyecta Manager

Beauchef Proyecta is the new Multidisciplinary Projects Area at FCFM, Universidad de Chile. It is contained within Engineering & Sciences 2030 Project, and it aims at engaging students in the development of multidisciplinary engineering projects, from their early conception to the final product.

Brief B.Proyecta


Current teaching practices must train leading, willing and competent engineers to work harmoniously with professionals from different areas in multidisciplinary projects.

Projects in this new area are developed in different stages -conception, design, evaluation and construction- through courses already established in the curricula of our different programs. These courses are brought together in such a way that the result, after a few semesters, is a complete multidisciplinary project.

Our invitation is for all members of our community to get involved in this new approach to innovation and teaching in engineering, to take part enthusiastically in each project and, thus, to become part of a new leading generation of engineers, both at national and international levels.