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Engineering & Sciences 2030 Academic Committee

juan-velasquezJuan Velásquez SilvaProfesor Associate Professor at Industrial Engineering Department
Head of Curriculum Harmonization strategic axis (2015-2017)
Coordinator of I+E Masters’ Degree Program

“To create the first Science and Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Master’s Degree Program, whose aim is to develop competencies for future engineers and/or basic sciences experts oriented to the generation of science-based innovation and scientific-technological enterprises”

marcosdiazMarcos Díaz QuezadaAssistant Professor at Electrical Engineering Department Academic Coordinator and Head of International Alliances strategic axis (2015-2017)

“Taking part in this initiative, and trying to contribute to it, is to me not only a commitment but also a duty as a part of a human group of excellence (students, staff and faculty members) who can actually bring a positive change on a big scale and with great impact on our society”

humberto-plazaHumberto Palza CorderoAssociate Professor at Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology Department Head of Applied R+D and Industry Outreach strategic axis (2015-2017)

“We must increase our research impact by gradually focusing it on the generation of value for society, becoming relevant actors in science-and-technology-based innovation”
juan-cristobal-zagalJuan Cristóbal Zagal MontealegreAssistant Professor at Mechanical Engineering Department
Head of Technology Marketing and Entrepreneurship strategic axis (2015-2017)

“The Engineering 2030 project is at a key point from which it can drive our country towards higher scientific and technological development. The fact that our work at FabLab helps the generation of more products adding value to society in Chile is a motivation for me”
leonardo-bassoLeonardo Basso SotzAssociate Professor at Civil Engineering Department
Head of Change Management and Human Capital strategic axis (2015-2017)

“When a Faculty has led engineering in our country for so long, it is easy to be self-satisfied. This project is an invitation to look at ourselves, to be self-critical but also to propose and develop plans which lead the way to becoming better in all relevant aspects of engineering and science”

hector-ramirezHéctor Ramírez CabreraAssociate Professor and Head of Mathematical Engineering Department Change Management and Human Capital advisor

“My motivation to be a part of the Change Management team has to do with my desire for our faculty to become a referent in Latin America and the world. We have the capabilities, our research is at a high level and we are constantly improving our teaching”
viviana-meruaneViviana Meruane NaranjoAssistant Professor at Mechanical Engineering Department
Director of Beauchef Proyecta

“Our challenge is to change from our current teaching paradigm, by which the teacher simply passes knowledge on to students, to a model where students learn and reinforce their knowledge while applying it in project development”
sergio-celisSergio Celis GuzmánAssistant Professor at School of
Engineering and Sciences Expert in curriculum change

“The 2030 project gives me the chance to contribute my specialized knowledge, to learn from the process, and to be a part in the design of the engineering education of tomorrow”
jorge-perezJorge Pérez RojasAssociate Professor at Computer Sciences Department
In charge of I+E Minor program

“I am convinced that educating engineers for the future calls for improving and also adapting our teaching-learning methodologies, fostering research and innovation capabilities in our students. 2030 gives us a great chance and the basis for major developments in this direction”
barbara-pobleteBárbara Poblete LabraAssistant Professor at Computer Sciences Department
In charge of Data Science publicizing

“What motivates me is to be able to make a contribution for our Faculty to keep the highest standards in engineering education, by adopting new learning methodologies and fostering entrepreneurship capabilities in our students, helping them to connect with the world”
willy-krachtWilly Kracht GajardoAssistant Professor at Mining Engineering Department
In charge of link with MIT Mining Club

“The Engineering 2030 project has the potential to change the face of our Faculty in the mid-long term. I cannot but thank the opportunity to have an active role in it”
francisco-ortegaFrancisco Ortega CulaciatiAssistant Professor at Geophysics Department
Member of Advisory Committee

martin-reichMartín Reich MoralesFull Professor at Geology Department
Member of the Advisory Board

“Engineering 2030 allows us to dream of a future FCFM as a regional hub for cutting edge science and innovation, internationalized and part of the exclusive club of the best engineering and science schools in the world”
claudio-falcon-polera-blancaClaudio Falcón BeasAssociate Professor at Physics Department
Member of the Advisory Board
MIT Academic Ambassador

“We have the pressing challenge to project our Faculty for Chile 20 years into the future, when engineering and science will have the role of improving our lives through the generation, spreading and application of knowledge”
Fabián Rojas BarralesAssistant Professor at Civil Engineering Department
Member of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Team at the Engineering Education Area

“I want to make a contribution in engineering education in order to develop a new generation of engineers who, as well as being of great technical quality, will also count on greater capabilities in innovation, entrepreneurship, and collaborative and multidisciplinary work”
teodoro-wogodskiTeodoro Wigodski SirebrenikAssociate Professor at Industrial Engineering Department
Change Management and Human Capital advisor

“Innovation and entrepreneurship are cultural and professional requirements to turn Chile into a developed and inclusive country in a global world. FCFM has chosen the way of the best universities in North America, China, Asia, the East, Europe and Oceania. It is possible to be among the 100 top universities. It all depends on us”