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FCFM Dean, Prof. Patricio Aceituno:

The Project “Engineering & Sciences 2030” Awoke the FCFM

Being part of Beauchef means quality. In addition to having the best students and academics, we are the cornerstone of both science and technology development in Chile. Nevertheless it’s always good to adopt a self-critical attitude keeping the spirit of improvement alive. And that’s precisely what  Engineering & Sciences 2030 project has allowed. An introspective look to examinate –in a critical way- how we are educating our future engineers and scientifics, in order to incorporate new strategies in our teaching processes. We have seen the world, we went to the best Engineering Schools and we studied the renewed and contemporany ways of teaching, so now we are able to start implementing them properly, before the design process.

This project has also allowed to this Faculty of studies to be visualized as an institution of excellence, a place where technological transfer is promoted through different initiatives, the ones that have been added to a new ecosystem of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, such as OpenBeauchef, Open Lab laboratories and Fablab from Universidad de Chile, which have encouraged our students to develop innovative ventures under the vision of linking tighter this Faculty with the external environment.

Engineering & Sciences 2030 project awoke the FCFM (Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, in spanish) and now we are moving forward to get even better. Moreover of all stated above, we are working in a curricular renewal, flexing -in a more effective way- the undergraduate formation with the postgraduate one. Thereby, we are powerfuly linking us to the best universities around the world, giving the chance for a rising number of our student to study abroad and to show to any Engineering student around the world, that FCFM is an attractive option to choose for their education.

We believe that is a must to deepen the challenges our Faculty faces, because of a necessary formative process improvement, adding new teaching and learning tools able to adapt to the diversity and incoming students profile changes. We are moving towards a teaching that will reach a more integral engineer, empowering skills that will allow to our students to communicate fluently, to express and defend their arguments clearly in any instance. We want our professionals to be able to get into multicultural enviroments, to open new paths, to understand that the learning process extends beyond the end of the career itself, as the technological development goes hand in hand with the growth of the neverending knowledge. In short, we want to educate our professionals so they are able to see generously their own country, so they can contribute on its development with an innovative attitude, with the conviction of achieving a sustainable growth, with a greater sense of inclusion and social justice.