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Renowned 2D Materials Researcher at Engineering and Science Talks

Within a series of talks on Engineering and Science organized by Engineering 2030 at FCFM, well-known scholar Mauricio Terrones from University of Pennsylvania talked about applications of new graphene-derived 2D materials.

As part of the activities of the New Engineering for 2030 Project at FCFM, Universidad de Chile, on Wednesday March 30th, the second session of the series of Engineering and Science Talks was held at Beauchef 851.

We counted on the presence of professor Mauricio Terrones, Head of the Center for 2-Dimensional and Layered Materials and scholar at the Physics Department at University of Pennsylvania. Hailing from Mexico, this renowned researcher has had a noted career starting with his graduation with honors in Physical Engineering at Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico, going on to a PhD with Prof. Harold W. Kroto (Nobel Prize). His CV includes over 400 publications in international journals such as Nature, Science, Nature Nanotechnology y Nature Materials, among others.

His research’s main characteristic is being multidsciplinary, since Terrones is connected with Physics, Chemistry and Materials Science Departments at Pennsylvania. His presentation at FCFM was also part of the launch of the Materials Science PhD program.

His presentation, titled “Theory and Applications of Graphene and Other 2D Materials”, was about his various research on graphene and materials like chalcogenides. About the former, he mentioned the ability to modify its properties by adding structural and topological defects, and also the different spatial distributions achievable in these doped 2D materials. The great interest on this kind of materials is reflected by over 3,000 articles related to this area over the last few years.


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