OpenBeauchef FCFM Universidad de Chile

Primera Etapa (2015 – 2017)


Strategic Axes

  • Change Management and Human Capital

    The continuing transformation and adaptation process a Faculty like ours requires in order to face the challenges imposed thereupon by society is a complex and highly sophisticated task. Without the real and concrete involvement of an important part of the community, it will very unlikely happen. So as to give rise to such involvement, it is essential for strategic and operational determinations for change to come from different actors within the community itself.

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  • Applied R&D&i and Industry Engagement

    FCFM at Universidad de Chile is on the verge of a turning point prompted by the virtuous convergence of two trends with different, albeit complementary, origins.
    On the one hand, society is starting to ask our faculty for a more active contribution to the development of our country through generating and implementing appropriate technologies.

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  • International Alliances

    Like Change Management, International Relations is a cross-cutting area to the Engineering 2030 Project and pertains to all working groups. International Relations is responsible for FCFM’s internationalization at all levels: undergraduate, postgraduate and professional.

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  • Technology Marketing and Entrepreneurship

    Our Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences is making inroads in entrepreneurship. It is a new mission for Universidad de Chile, to contribute to the development of our country not only through the generation of cutting edge knowledge, but also through our contribution to new ways of materializing this knowledge as technology and science based products and services.

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  • Curricular Harmonization

    New trends show that the professional profile of new engineers calls for certain traits which are essential, such as multidisciplinary knowledge, responsibility, ethics, technical intuition, creativity, multicultural sensitivity, social awareness, respect for the environment, understanding of other disciplines and the ability to work in teams, among others.

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