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Technology Marketing and Entrepreneurship


Our Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences is making inroads in entrepreneurship. It is a new mission for Universidad de Chile, to contribute to the development of our country not only through the generation of cutting edge knowledge, but also through our contribution to new ways of materializing this knowledge as technology and science based products and services.

This requires our community to have the skill to create new enterprises which will ultimately enforce technology marketing and continuous improvement processes. We expect to foster a new entrepreneurial culture for members of our community to know the basic tools required to turn an idea into results with a positive impact on society.

Many conventional companies only measure their success in terms of income. The fact that this has led to extremes of corruption, dehumanization and even environmental damage is well known. Fortunately, there are new trends in social entrepreneurship whose focus is on fostering a positive impact and the solution of problems in a community. It is in this kind of undertakings that we expect our community to play an important role by exploring areas where technology can improve people’s lives, democratizing access to education or health, and even creating chances of access to new open technologies. In order to move along this path, the Faculty has created Open Beauchef, a new concept which seeks to connect the laboratory world and the external one. The new OpenLab and FabLab are already working, looking for potential ideas and entrepreneurs to become the first examples of social-technological enterprises to come out of Beauchef.

Prof. Juan Cristóbal Zagal
Head of Entrepreneurship Area
Engineering & Sciences 2030 Project


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