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International Alliances


Like Change Management, International Relations is a cross-cutting area to the Engineering & Sciences 2030 Project and pertains to all working groups. International Relations is responsible for FCFM’s internationalization at all levels: undergraduate, postgraduate and professional.

From a Faculty perspective, this area has been given a wider vision other than just internationalization. In this context, the area seeks to support outreach and interaction both domestically and internationally.

At a first stage, activities have focused on agreeing on and defining the expectations in this area, not only within Engineering & Sciences 2030 Project, but also on a more integrated level at the Faculty. Thus, we have carried out activities which allow us to build a strategy for the development of our environment (Chile) along with other national and international actors, FCFM being aware of the challenges and advantages.

Prof. Marcos Díaz
Head of International Relations
Engineering & Sciences 2030 Project

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