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FCFM at Universidad de Chile is on the verge of a turning point prompted by the virtuous convergence of two trends with different, albeit complementary, origins.
On the one hand, society is starting to ask our faculty for a more active contribution to the development of our country through generating and implementing appropriate technologies. On the other hand, researchers have come to realize that research focused on concrete and complex issues improves its quality and impact, while complementing more purely scientific initiatives. This gives special sense to the Research-Development-Innovation (R+D+i) trilogy at FCFM as an update of its historical role in actively contributing to the solution of challenges and needs faced by our society.

The new knowledge society calls for our academic work to gradually focus on the three missions of a university, especially if that university is public and of excellence: education, to research and transfer. The latter mission touches ground at our faculty as technology transfer (TT), which forces us out of our university community to start looking at and listening to the external environment. This will allow us to find creative alliances to generate synergies which will produce value for society. All this driven and motivated by research of the highest level which sustains TT and should be our hallmark in R+D+i.

Prof. Humberto Palza
Head of Technology Transfer Area
Engineering & Sciences 2030 Project

Area contact: Katherine Delgado

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