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Strengthening communication skills in engineering students

During the first term in 2018, students took the TESTDE test, which measures academic written communication skills, and also attended a short course on oral communication. The TESTDE (Texts for Academic reading in Engineering and Science, in Spanish) test was applied to 840 first year FCFM students, from April 23rd to 27th, in the CEC […]

Macro-Faculty 2030 Program visits Open Beauchef

Macro-Faculty is the joint 2030 Project of Universidad de Talca, Universidad del Bío-Bío and Universidad de la Frontera. Universidad del Bío-Bío engineering students took a tour of the facilities at OpenBeauchef and its units, FabLab, OpenLab, Beauchef Acelera, and Technology Transfer Unit. ‘We have identified some gaps in innovation and entrepreneurship training in our students. […]

Beauchef Proyecta’s Undergraduate Multidisciplinary Final Projects Program: Engineering Students Create First Prototype of Concrete 3D Printer

Beauchef Proyecta, an initiative of the FCFM 2030 Project, granted CLP 1,200,000 to this team, which developed a multidisciplinary project. Students of Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Computer Science were selected to participate in the construction of a concrete 3D printer, within the first Beauchef Proyecta Undergraduate Multidisciplinary Final Projects Program. This initiative encouraged undergraduate […]

Engineering 2030 IV National Meeting closes the first stage of the national program, recognizing the best universities participating

FCFM presented the progress made during the first three years and its strategic plan for the next three. For the first time, CORFO – Engineering Academy Awards were presented. FCFM was recognized for increasing the number of students graduating on time. Organized by CORFO, this yearly meeting of all universities within the Engineering 2030 Program […]

2030 Project’s proposal for the next three years presented before Faculty Council

FCFM’s faculty members, researchers, students, alumni and staff participated in the proposal for the renewal of the project, which was sent to CORFO on November 30th. 2030 Engineering and Sciences Project, funded by CORFO and the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, has already defined its lines of work for the final three years of […]

Congress and FCFM sign collaboration agreement to avoid plagiarism in the future

Both institutions agree on using DOCODE software, which allows for plagiarism detection based on text mining technologies and natural language processing. At the Congress Building in Valparaíso a collaboration agreement was signed by the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Fidel Espinoza, and FCFM Dean, Prof. Patricio Aceituno. November 22nd, 2017 – DOCODE is the […]

First edition of OpenLab Pre-Incubation Program ends

October 20th, 2017 – The finalist teams in the Hotbed Program worked for 3 months at the Laboratory of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, OpenLab, for their initial ideas or enterprises to evolve through training activities and mentoring by a specialized team. A program like this, seeking to develop ideas which have an impact on society, had […]

FCFM recognizes assistants and aides’ role in teaching

Starting almost ten years ago, FCFM has pioneered formal instances of training in teaching for assistants and aides, with an impact on the teaching practices of hundreds of young people whose enthusiasm in this area has led them to attend workshops to start or strengthen their work within teaching teams. At a later stage, since […]

FCFM’s Engineering and Science Departments analyze 2030 Project and its challenges for the new triennial

The Head of Engineering 2030, Prof. Juan Velásquez, presented the progress achieved in the first stage of the project and the its approaches for the new triennial, 2018-2020. The different meetings fostered recommendations from faculty members for the next three years. Over the last three years, the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences has introduced […]

Chile to host 2018 Web Intelligence Conference

The conference has the aim of reaching a multidisciplinary balance among theoretical progress in research and methods associated with collective intelligence, science and data handling, IT centered on human beings, knowledge management and network science, and it will be held in Santiago de Chile in 2018. Professor Juan Velásquez is in charge for the new […]

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