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Engineering 2030 stands out with activities marked by innovation and entrepreneurship

The first day of the Festival was marked by the visit of school children, Beauchef campus students and their families, who took tours to the OpenLab and the FabLab, as well as going to the different presentations prepared for them. Gokarts and robotic arms belonging to the Beauchef Proyecta multidisciplinary projects area where also exhibited […]

Renowned 2D Materials Researcher at Engineering and Science Talks

Within a series of talks on Engineering and Science organized by Engineering 2030 at FCFM, well-known scholar Mauricio Terrones from University of Pennsylvania talked about applications of new graphene-derived 2D materials. As part of the activities of the New Engineering for 2030 Project at FCFM, Universidad de Chile, on Wednesday March 30th, the second session […]

MIT Scholar Alexander Slocum: “Energy is key to everything”

The well-known researcher was in charge of opening the series of talks on Engineering and Science to take place this year at FCFM, Universidad de Chile.