OpenBeauchef FCFM Universidad de Chile

Prof. Felipe Álvarez Daziano

IMG_0450sProfessor Felipe Álvarez Daziano (1972 – 2017) was the Deputy Dean and Head Engineering & Sciences 2030 Project at the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences at Universidad de Chile.

He held his role as Deputy Dean over the last two deanships. His contribution in this position has been determining in the significant development and growth shown by the Faculty over the last few years.

In 2014, he took on the role of Head of Engineering & Sciences 2030, after writing, along with other Faculty members, a Strategic Plan to redesign engineering education at FCFM.

It was during his tenure that OpenBeauchef, the first ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship at FCFM, was launched. He also opened the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Laboratory, OpenLab, and the Digital Fabrication Laboratory, FabLab, at Universidad de Chile. He set up the External Outreach Head Office, the Beauchef Proyecta Multidisciplinary Project Area and the A2IC Engineering and Science Learning Area, as well.

As from 2015, he was part of MIT REAP Team Santiago, as a representative of the academic sphere. Along with a group of professionals representing the State, business world, venture capitals and entrepreneurs, he was in the middle of a process to enforce a strategy to boost a mining innovation ecosystem.

Sadly, his work as Head of Engineering & Sciences 2030 was interrupted by his sudden death on March 8th, 2017. Professor Felipe Álvarez Daziano will be remembered as a leading voice in engineering and science.