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MIT REAP Program

The REAP program is the cornerstone of MIT’s global initiative. It is designed to help different regions to boost economic growth and the creation of employment with a high added value through Entrepreneurship driven by Innovation (IDE: Innovation-Driven Entrepreneurship).

The associated regions create multidisciplinary teams and get involved in a two-year collaborative advisory and learning process with MIT, so as to build and enforce a personalized regional strategy to improve their IDE ecosystems.

MIT-REAP accepts 8-10 regional partners each year to take part in this two-year commitment. A typical REAP region has a population of 3-10 million people. Each regional partner has a team of 5-7 highly influential people and is run by a regional champion. The 5 largest stakeholder groups are represented in the MIT REAP team: government, corporate, academic, venture capital and entrepreneurs.

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