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Proposal for Data Science Masters is presented in workshop with employers

Tuesday, January 24th, 2017 – The Director of the Postgraduate School, Professor Richard Weber and the Deputy Director of Engineering 2030 of the Facultad de Ciencias Físicas y Matemáticas of the Universidad de Chile, Professor Juan Velásquez, are in charge of what will be the new Masters degree in Data Science. Under this frame they summoned outstanding professionals of the area to a curricular harmonization workshop in order to present the proposal of the study program in order to get their feedback.

“Data is increasingly available in the world today, and this data delivers useful information for the improvement of businesses. And this is what motivates us to propose this Masters degree; we believe that on one hand we offer the data, but also, as Faculty, we are well qualified to train people in this area”, said the Postgraduate Director.

The Masters, which will be launched in 2017, aims at training professionals with a solid education in computing and mathematics that will enable them to manage and analyze large volumes of and/or highly complex data in order to generate knowledge and valuable information.

At the beginning of the activity, Professor Richard Weber was adamant in saying that this is a proposal that needs feedback from the guests: “we are going to present the design as it is right now and we are interested in knowing what you make of it, and more important still, we want your criticism and what you think can be improved, what does the market need in terms of the training of the professionals in this area”.

The plan is a two-year Master and the plan is to start the term in spring. We are currently defining the profile of the graduates, which is the backbone of the program, so that all the courses, activities and thesis works contribute to the profile.

Despite the fact that the Masters will have a professional orientation, it still has a scientific side to it. “The way we have planned the program it can cover three fundamental spaces. One is related to the professional proposal; the second one is related to supporting innovation and entrepreneurship situations, and the third one is the scientific aspect. We could eventually have an applicant who is a scientist that needs data processing, for instance, an astronomer could eventually be a student”, said Professor Juan Velásquez

Both the Data Base Masters and the Science and Technology based Innovation and Entrepreneurship Masters, is one of the initiatives fostered by A New Engineering for 2030. “In Engineering 2030 we established several verticals of new developments. One was health, another one innovation and entrepreneurship and another one was precisely Data Science. We visualize that companies will have managements that will be increasingly empowered in data processing”, said the Deputy Director of the Corfo project.

Members of the workshop talked about the main sectors where we can identify opportunities for the graduates of the Masters as well as about the design of the program and the aspects to be improved.


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