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Associated Units

logo-openlabOpenLab Innovation and Entrepreneurship Laboratory
Aimed at strengthening innovation and entrepreneurship capabilities, it is an agent for the creation and implementation of experiences which allow for the boosting of scientific-technological projects. Actors from different spheres such as university, state, business, entrepreneurship and venture capital gather here and take part in the laboratory’s activities.
FabLab U. de Chile Digital Fabrication Laboratory
It is an open and free-of-charge platform which offers 400 square meters of working space and is equipped with computers, an electronic prototyping area, 3D printers, CNC Router, Cutting Plotter and 3D Scanner, among others. It attracts a large number of people with different motivations and allows for the creation of multidisciplinary teams for the development of projects.
A2IC Engineering and Science Learning Area
A2IC’s mission is to foster, develop and assess innovative strategies which help the objectives stated in Universidad de Chile’s Education Model and the Faculty’s training programs to become real in the learning and teaching processes. It counts on active collaboration with scholars and students, it promotes a culture which values diversity, creativity and continuous improvement.
External Affairs Office
Its fundamental role is to care for and boost FCFM’s articulation with both the national and international environments to achieve effective and relevant interaction with different actors in society. In the understanding that current issues and knowledge generation reflect an ever more universal concern, its reach makes no distinction between local or global issues.